She belongs to the grandmothers group of Waré Crafts artisans. She is very reserved and sparse of words. It was not easy to convince her to give us this little interview. Finally, she agreed to tell us her story in Wayuunaiki, when her family encouraged her to do so.

She learned very young, at age 12, during her confinement. “Confinement is the ritual when a girl becomes a woman and learns to behave according to the traditions of Wayúu society”. She told us that there she learned to make crafts of all kinds. “Mochilas” and hammocks of all shapes and sizes.

She likes the designs of Waré Crafts, especially because of their combination of colors and because they are easy to knit. When she weaves her mind immediately thinks about her 30 grandchildren, who are the few privileged that can get a smile out of her. She thinks about the things they need, and then she strives to finish soon, in order to receive her pay quickly and give her 30 grandchildren the money they need to buy what they are missing.