Our Value Proposition

Our social entrepreneurship model works based on the following criteria:


Our customers have the possibility to learn about the story of the artisan behind each of our pieces as we want to bring artisans closer to end users. We promote that both artisans and customers fall in love with every aspect of our crafts and understand our business.

This is why our slogan is “If you like our crafts, you will love our story”.

Fair Price

We believe that a social business begins to make sense when there is a better distribution of profits among the parties of the value chain. We pay above the current market prices for artisans work. Also, profit is shared with artisans in two ways:  a percentage of the sale that goes directly to the artisan that made the craft and secondly a percentage that goes to an investment fund. The later will be used based on artisan’s priorities to improve their livelihood.




Each product from Waré Crafts is hand made by one of our artisans who works hard at details expanding their knowledge on precise traditional techniques, transmitting love for what they do and respect for their cultural heritage.


Colombian passion

All Waré Crafts products and marketing procedures are made by 100% Colombian talent.



Waré Crafts works to rescue and recognize the traditional practices of the Wayúu people as an intangible heritage while strengthening their identity.


Art fusion

Waré Crafts combines indigenous ancestral traditional techniques with contemporary art using unique colors and high quality materials, adjusting to fashion trends and social awareness.



Waré Crafts supports the growth of the Wayuu handicraft business to promote a sustainable and reliable source of income. Our initiative supports the local economy, showing respect for artisans by showing respect for artisans and recognizing a fair price for their work.



Social innovation

As a social entrepreneurship initiative Waré Crafts promotes the creation of social value by improving the livelihood of artisans.

Corporate guidelines

Mission: Waré Crafts designs, produces, markets and trades unique high quality, innovative, fashionable handicrafts made with operational excellence following sustainability standards. We work towards dignifying handicraft making and contributing to improve artisans quality of life.

Vision: By 2025 Waré Crafts will position itself as a handicrafts social entrepreneurship initiative from Colombia. By leading through example we will contribute to formalize the Wayúu handicraft business by recognising the work of the artisans crafts and improving their quality of life in a sustainable manner.

Our value chain

Waré Crafts value chain is integrated by suppliers, artisan’s and their communities, employees, customers and any other relevant stakeholder related to the business. Our team is made up of Colombian talent with an entrepreneurship spirit. We share creative values, the experiences passed though generations and we feel the passion thru our working hands.

We are all committed to promoting sustainable social value. Waré crafts stands out as a company that recognizes the added value of our suppliers.


Waré Crafts values are the main guideline of its operational excellence. As a people centered organization we identified ourselves with four main values: respect, professionalism, transparency and passion.

The best way to build relationships with suppliers, employees, partners and customers is through respect. Respect is experienced through the implementation of best practices, by ‘honoring our word’ and observing the Wayuu culture and customs.

Professionalism is a core value for the fulfillment of our vision. Through this value, operational excellence is achieved; high-quality products are delivered on time and sold at a fair price for the artisan and the end user.

We work with transparency to create trustworthy relationships with our stakeholders. We value the clarity with which we manage our finances, our business model and results. Therefore, the value of transparency governs our communications.

Waré Crafts believes that with passion goals are achieved. The best work is done when people do it with love and commitment. Passion is a value that allows us to maintain the focus and balance between the business growth and the creation of social value.

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