Political scientist of Los Andes University, specialist on International Affairs from Externado University of Colombia and Columbia University. Magister in Business Administration and Specialist on Sustainable Business from the Business School of Lausanne and St. Gallen University in Switzerland. Founder of Bizsmart- Waré Crafts and partner of Latchem Group.

Paula worked for five years as Director of the Cerrejón Water Foundation for La Guajira, and as Coordinator of the Cerrejón Human Rights Program. For 15 years she worked in the Justice Sector within the Colombian Government, worked as an International Cooperation Advisor, Planning Director of the Intelligence Agency and Coordinator of the Observatory for Drug Demand Reduction of the Presidency of the Republic. Advisor to the National Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia in charge of US cooperation. She was also an Associate Expert at the United Nations Centre for Crime Prevention in Vienna.


Professional in Finance and International Relations of the Externado University of Colombia, Master in Business Administration and Sustainable Business of the Business School Lausanne and St. Gallen University Switzerland. Founder of Bizsmart-Waré Crafts and partner in the digital connection platform for Lawyers Cases 24-7 with presence in Colombia and Latin America.

Andrés has developed his professional career in the private sector for more than 10 years, focusing his work in management positions for the development of businesses in the areas of Marketing and Digital Advertising. Since 2013 he has been an entrepreneur by creating business structures focused on creating social and economic value.


Moldings and Frames makes the hand-painted hummingbirds in wood, bearing artisan’s name who crafted the mochila. It is a family business, with more than 7 years of experience, led by sisters Catalina and Lina Díaz. Since childhood, both have always worked with crafts. They remember that at the age of nine they made figures in plasticine, then they started to work in cold porcelain. Years later they learned wood work decorations, mixing manual arts with new digital technologies. Lina takes care of the administrative role while Catalina develops the art. Both are confident that with dedication, professionalism and discipline, they will open more stores in the city of Barranquilla to continue growing their passion and main source of income.

Contact: Lina Diaz
Phone: +57 5 3607919
Address: Carrera 43 # 70-184, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia


TOR Industries designed and built the winder machine to make the thread balls needed to make a Mochila, streamlining the process of organization and efficient use of materials. For the founder of this business Enrique Orjuela, it all started in the 80’s, when fashion trends put a boost to woollen garments. At that time, a member of the family began to knit with very good results and soon had to make a catalog to show their customers the clothes they offered.

Enrique designed the winder machine that for more than 50 years have brought quality to the processes and have contributed to the production in the textile industry. Nowadays, his company also manufactures twisters and a combination of textiles, adjusted to customers needs. The success of his business is based on permanent innovation and a great family history as this success would not have been possible without the company of his wife Amparo and his children Enrique Jr., Jairo and Paola, who day by day make their greatest effort to keep this dream called INDUSTRIAS TOR alive.

Contact: Enrique Orjuela
Telephone numbers: 315 358 860


Orange Communications designs and produces all the communications pieces for Waré Crafts. They are the creators of the brand, have developed the concept and design of the website in addition to editorial contents.

Orange is a team of communicators, graphic designers and avant-garde web developers with experience in communications strategies for various sectors. Through the years it has developed empirical knowledge on sustainability standards. It was founded in 2012 by Clara Angarita specialized in the implementation of corporate communication business strategies adjusted to the size of the business of its customers. It has developed creative ways of working to better communicate the business message.

Contact: Clara Angarita
Phone: 318 574 2959


Finotex, a leading company in the market of brand identification, they make the tags that hold Waré Crafts logo and QR code in our crafts. Thanks to their labels we can use our mobile devices to interact and know the artisan story behind each mochila.

 Over the last 30 years, Finotex has become an all-in-one supplier of brand identification solutions for the garment industry, becoming the largest producer of woven labels and labels printed in the western hemisphere. It has positioned itself as the preferred partner for the most important clothing brands globally, thanks to its high technology and innovation, relentless attention to detail, and high quality of workmanship.

Commercial contact: Leonardo Camargo
Phone: 57-5-3616100


Synergies for Change is an initiative of the Convention Bureau of Bogotá, Colombia as a way to contribute directly to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. They connect 100% Colombian social businesses with international event organizers, so that their events offer the magic of the city and contribute to a higher purpose.