She is our artisan coordinator of the communities located in the south of La Guajira. She is a social worker, from Riohacha with a double cultural heritage. Daughter of Mother Wayuu and father “Alijuna” (not Wayuu). For 12 years she has been involved in the world of handicrafts. Thanks to her profession and her bicultural nature, Esmeralda is an important character in the team because she contributes to the identification of the most skilled artisans, guides them to maintain a high quality control. According to the ancestral techniques, transmits to  communities the tastes of the market “alijuna” and the philosophy of our company. She enjoys her work with Waré Crafts, because by sharing with the artisans and families of different castes, she learns about the different customs that exist in each of them, getting to know in a broader and deeper way the richness of the Wayúu culture.

As a bearer of two children, she feels responsible for transmitting to her daughters of 11 and 17 years a respect for their traditions. That is why they are learning to weave preserving a skill and talent of the Wayuu women.