Yusbelis tells us that when she saw the designs of Waré Crafts “Mochilas” the first time, she thought it would be very easy. “They’re just squares and squares,” she told to herself. But when she started knitting she realized that doing the “squares” was not so simple, as she imagined … “It requires a tricky technique” was her conclusion when she finished her first “Mochila” for the Waré Crafts 2018 Fusion Collection.

For her, weaving is her moment of liberation. She tells us that while she is weaving her mind only concentrates on the stitch, and she likes that, because she stops thinking about the difficult situations of life.

She is only 19 years old, she is married, without children … and she tells us that she loves working with Waré Crafts because she likes to learn different things and it helps her to achieve her dream, which is to study Business Administration.