Yeina is only 20 years old. She is the single mother of a little girl, who is called “Giana Estela”. She learned to weave since she was 12 years old. Her mother was the one who taught her. First, to make “Mochilas”, and then fringes and hammocks.

Yeina told us that knitting makes her very happy. She loves this tradition inherited from her ancestors. And she would love for her daughter to learn too.

About the designs of Waré Crafts she told us that at first they seemed very difficult. The first Mochila that she did, had to be disarmed and re-knit 4 times. On this occasion, for the Mochila that she wove for the 2018 Waré Crafts Collection, she only had to disarm it and put it together twice.

She also told us that unlike other companies for which she has worked, he likes to work with Waré Crafts, because she is paid once the Mochila is finished and not once the “Mochila” is sold, as has happened in other cases.

When she knits, she prefers to do it in the company of her mother and sister and thus they talk together about the things that have happened during the day. She is still studying the baccalaureate and her dream is to be able to make a career.