Products in stock can be shipped immediately once the customer has approved shipping costs and made the invoice payment.


  • Be aware that in order to maintain exclusivity a design made on the body of a bag will only be made five times per size. Nevertheless, each bag will have its unique design created by the artisan for each bag in the base, strap and finishing touches.
  • Colors may be slightly different in tones pending on the availability of thread.
  • Customers may order designs from previous collections (2016 to date).
  • Time of production will depend on the quantity of bags ordered and capacity of production according to orders previously made. The average time of production of order beyond 5 units is 60 days.
  • If a product is being produced for a customer, it may choose the length of the strap according to our references.​


  • For products in stock payment should be made before shipping.
  • For products made by order, 50% of the payment should be made upon order and the other 50% before shipping.
  • Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer.
  • An additional reduced price may be considered if payment is made by bank transfer.


Shipping costs will be at the expense of the customer. The cost will vary pending on volume, weight of a package and time of delivery. Bizsmart will offer the customer shipping alternatives for him/her to choose from. Shipping costs will then be included in the final invoice for payment.


If the bag is not what the customer expects it may be returned and refund. The customer has to inform of its inconformity and desire of refund during the first eight days of arrival of the product. Shipping costs of return will be at the expense of the customer.