Tereza Epinayú started weaving from the age of twelve. She is the mother of eight, grandmother of six and proudly tells us that with her work she supports 15 people from her family circle. She likes to knit alone at home, so she has time for household chores.

Tereza tells us that she needs between 15 days to a month to make a Mochila. The indigenous people of La Alta Guajira live in remote places without access to water and other basic services. They must combine their craftwork with the job of going out to fetch water, firewood and in some cases to graze.

Teresa stands out for being extremely responsible and dedicated to her home. In addition, she is determined that her younger children finish their high school, which she could not achieve with her older children because of the conditions of the area in which she lives. It is important for her to keep the artisan tradition in her family, as a way to strengthen her Wayúu identity and as a source of income for the new generations.