Marleny learned to knit from the age of 15, during her enclosure  “Encierro”, ritual through which the girl becomes a woman and learns to behave as such according to Wayúu traditions. Marleny’s enclosure was only a month because as she decided not to miss school . Formerly the Wayúu women’s could be as long as a year to complete their enclosure.

Marleny is very fond of making handicrafts, because while she weaves she is entertained. She prefers to make mochilas than “chinchorros” a type of hammock. She prefers to weave with the morning light just after having her coffee and during the first hours of the afternoon. She likes to knit with her sisters, because they talk and that makes it fun. She has no children, but with the money she earns, she helps her nieces and nephews.

Marleny named Patricia Quevedo’s designs as ” the square texture” she loves the combination of colors she handles.