The Waré Warao Community, is characterized by a high quality artisan work, faithful to the most demanding ancient techniques. In this community the artisans have been trained by their cultural heritage and by different workshops that the Sena (National Learning Service) offers throughout the year.

“Aunt Alicia Barros” is the leader of the Community of Waré Warao, and the one who oversees the craftsmanship of Waré Crafts in that community. She has been weaving since she was 8 years old, taught by her aunts, because her mom died when she was only 5 years old. When she was younger she was the “sabedora” (knit wise) of her community; and her specialty was the Wayunkeras, (a dress for girls), always adorned with the kaanas and the bright and traditional colors of the Wayúu culture.

Her family is very long. He had eleven children. At this moment she has 7 daughters and 2 children, who live, between her Ranchería, Maicao and Barranquilla. She already has 62 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren and can not wait for the “Decembers” to arrive to join them all.

She is worried that she will soon have to give up her leadership role, and she must make the hardest decision of who to hand over that responsibility, so that she can ensure that every Wayuu girl has a life like the one she had: with her customs and traditions and avoid the Wayuu world disappears.

When she heard about the Waré Crafts Project, she became curious and looked for ways to engage her artisans, looking for a way to generate representative income for their families. Thus, 15 artisans decided to join the team of artisans of Waré Crafts. They are:

• Carmen Epiayú
• Lili Epiayú
• Patricia Cambar
• Dexi Cambar
• Dalcy Paredes
• Martha Uriana
• Laura Velásquez
• Ramona Palacios Epiayú
• María Esther Velásquez
• Juana Fernández
• Carmen Palacio
• Marilí Epiayú Palacio
• Olaida Cotes Pushaina
• Dalcy Paredes Epiayú
• Ariana Epieyú Palace

At first they felt very challenged by Patricia Quevedo’s design flagship square, however the results show us that the challenge has been overcome.