Graciela, is mother of five and grandmother of two. She comes thru with such simple tenderness and a great strong character. She began to knit since childhood and perfected her art during her “Enclosure” or “Encierro”, ritual through which a girl becomes a woman and learns to behave as such according to Wayuu traditions. Graciela is always with “her threads”. She weaves from 6 in the morning until 11 at night and says that she “is not herself” if she is not knitting. She does not receive visitors while she is working, because conversing distracts her craft.

She also taught us that mochilas cannot be made if you have rage, sadness or laziness, because the ‘mochila’ turns out ugly and loose. She tells us that to weave you have to relax and be happy. Therefore, she likes to weave with bright and very vivid colors as she defines herself. She was always enthusiastic about the work of creating the Fusion collection and those designed by Patricia Quevedo. Her contribution to the transformation of the Quevedo Sketches into the thread has been of great value.