Community San Martín

Clara is a few words interlocutor and preferred to give us her interview in Wayuunaiki (Wayúu indigenous language). She told us that she learned to weave since she was 12 years old. Her mother Pausalina taught her, both artisans of the Waré Crafts team.

She has a large family of 5 children and it is about them that she thinks while weaving. The oldest one already works and lives outside the “Ranchería” (place where the indigenous Wayuu live), and the other 4 still studying.

For her, weaving is her legacy and she does not want the new generation to stop this art, even in their spare time. She also told us that she likes the designs of Waré Crafts, because she can weave them very easy, and it is fast and well paid; and that helps her with the study of their children.


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