Aunt Chiayo, as everyone in her community calls her, is an advanced and experienced artisan. That is evident in the firmness of her fabric. She is a craftswoman from the community of Santa Ana and worked hand in hand with Cecilia Barrios, leader of the Yutaho Community. Aunt Chiayo experimented with different types of interpretations of Patricia Quevedo’s design, which led her to undo and restart her weaving several times until finishing her Mochila. After a month she finished the crafts with great love and determination.

For her geometry comes by instinct, being able to visualise one picture within another in its own style. In this sense, finding common points of interpretation of geometric concepts was the greatest challenge especially by capturing the work of Patricia Quevedo correctly. In spite of having lost vision by age, she obtains the geometric figures in a intuitive way without needing to count stitches and nor following a pattern.