The Apüshi Communities that have participated in this project are: “El Horno”, “Loma Fresca”, “Poromana” and “Ushuro” from the Epieyú Clan; “Wasimo” e “Ichichon” from the Uriana Clan; ”Watakirrat” from Gouriyu Clan, “Torinchi” from the Ipuana Clan,“Uriaca” from the Pushaina Clan, and two additional communities Jocoamo and Ceura. All of them are located in the rural surroundings of Riohacha in the center of La Guajira, Colombia.

While offering a good quality traditional mochila bag, with your purchase you are being part of a solution to a social problem. These artisan communities are been challenged with an overflow of Wayúu mochilas at extremely low prices offered to the market. This is a consequence of artisans who sell their products at any price to get money, a situation that has forced them to produce more, faster with little innovation, low quality to offer their product at low cost. Through your purchase, we are ensuring that you buy directly from the artisan, avoiding intermediaries, while they are gaining a fair price for their work.

Apüshi is part of the Conscious Slow Fashion Movement that aims at dignifying the work of artisans, by recovering traditional techniques fomenting admiration for their handmade creative works.