Patricia Quevedo is a Colombo-Venezuelan artist. She has always been attracted to Wayúu handicraft works; especially because these communities inhabit areas of both countries.

Wayuu handicrafts insert “Kanasü” which in Wayunaiki (Wayuu language) stands for pictures that interpret nature and daily life. The use of colours as well as geometrical figures such as the rhomboid figures are similar in several aspects to Patricia’s painting technic, which consists fundamentally in geometrical abstractions and color techniques.

These designs turned out to be a whole learning process for twenty Wayuu indigenous women working from the Rancherias (places where each community live) Zahino, Warishitou-El Milagro, San Francisco, Yutaho, San Martin and Kamoushiwou as well as for Patricia who needed to sketch in a way artisans could interpret them.

At the Racherias, Patricia learnt how to diagram each of her paintings in terms that the artisans could translate her art into innovating handicrafts using their threads and needles.

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