Community San Martín - High Guajira

Leidy is 18 years old and is one of the youngest of the group She always keeps a beautiful smile on her face that brings joy to others.

She moved to the San Martin community, when she married at age 17. It was her mother-in-law who taught her to knit. She is very happy to have found an activity that she enjoys and in which she knows she is good at and that is also a possibility of generating income to encourage herself to have her own family.

She told us that while weaving she prefers to be isolated, because she lives with many people and that does not allow her to concentrate easily in her figures. She feels that she transmits to her pieces a part of her, her essence and her dreams.

With the money she receives, she supports the upbringing of her nephew and her family living in Uribia, her birthplace.


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