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Maria Emilia, is one of those typical grannies, full of grandchildren. She has 14, and says that they are her greatest treasure.

Ever since she was a little girl, she watched fascinated to her aunt who knitted “Mochilas” and hammocks, until the day she learned how to make them by herself. He weaved her first “Mochila” when she was 14.

Thanks to this art, Maria Emilia was able to take care of her seven children and continues to contribute with her grandchildren.

She tells us that she prefers to knit by day, with natural light, which helps her to see her stitch better and thinks that the “Cuadritos”, little squares in English, and the colors of the Fusion Collection are very beautiful, elegant and cheerful.

She is very grateful to Waré Crafts, because she feels she knows how to recognize her craftsmanship and helps her to have better income. She also sees her work as a way of maintaining the artisan tradition among the new Wayuu generation.


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